visualize targets predictions for bacterial genomes

sRNA-TaBac is a web visualization interface for target predictions.

It allows you to load feature files, run prediction softwares and and visualize generated data through a friendly interface. This tool will help you to explore all your data from one or several software.

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Key features

  • Submit a new project within seconds

    sRNA-TaBac comes with light and configurable forms to submit new projects

  • Visualize generated data

    Take a look at the interactive folded RNA and detailled interactions

  • Interact with your data

    Easily sort, filter, select, compare interactions in few clicks

  • Download your data

    Export your data in CSV, print them directly or download generated files

  • Manage your workspace

    sRNA-TaBac allows you to handle several projects in a simple workspace

  • Load a dataset easily

    We design a specific interaction GFF3 file format to easily retrieve informations from a previously submitted project. It will allow you to gain some time

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